February 2010

February 8, 2010

Europe, anno 2010: A new start in international development cooperation?

Posted: 08:53 AM CEST

by ecdpm


In ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, Europe marked its emergence from eight years of introspection with a new resolve to work more effectively, and with a robust infrastructure to make this happen. As the world struggles to cope with the impact of the global financial crisis and the nexus of environmental and human development challenges that have intensified in its wake, this is the moment for Europe to re-think international development cooperation to address these challenges. In the first undertaking of its kind, four European think-tanks have joined hands to suggest priorities for a substantial international ...


February 3, 2010

European Development Cooperation– New Challenges, New Beginnings

Posted: 09:42 AM CEST

by Jeske van Seters


Europe wants to play a greater role on the world stage and arguably has the means and vision to do this. In a newly published report, four European think-tanks argue that the juxtaposition of recent global developments with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty might have created a ‘perfect storm’ allowing the EU to leverage its considerable resources to forge a new international cooperation. Will it rise to the challenge? A group of European think-thanks has just published a joint Memorandum titled ‘New Challenges, New Beginnings: Next Steps in European Development Cooperation.’ ECDPM is one ...

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February 1, 2010

Towards a Joint Caribbean-EU Strategy

Posted: 10:38 AM CEST

by ECDPM Editorial Team


As a small and vulnerable region, the Caribbean is likely to be even more affected by the international economic crisis and new global challenges. The Caribbean has had longstanding relations with the European Union since 1975, but both are redefining their external relations priorities in the context of a rapidly evolving geopolitical scene. The challenge now it seems is to start a joint reflection process on a future partnership that enables both parties to better respond to global challenges. Caribbean integration and the future Caribbean-EU partnership is one area addressed under the recently established Memorandum ...