January 29, 2010


Posted: 07:30 AM UTC

ECDPM is pleased to unveil its latest communication product, Talking Points, a new blog produced by ECDPM staff and our partners that aims to deepen exchanges on pertinent policy issues. With a focus on the ‘how’ and ‘what next’ questions in international cooperation, Talking Points will complement the centre’s Weekly Compass newsletter by offering occasional, in-depth information on selected and timely policy issues. The blog will cover, among other topics:

  • the changing institutional context within the EU and how this is shaping it’s international cooperation and the implications for developing countries;
  • its trade relationships, particularly with the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions;
  • how Europe and its partners are adapting their international development cooperation to wider issues of concern, such as peace and security, climate change and food security;
  • how best to realise the goal of improved governance, which underpins the EU’s international cooperation agenda and which is of concern to its partners as well.

Brief contributions (500-700+ words) from our readers are welcome. For any questions about this blog, or if you need assistance in posting a comment, please sent your e-mail to Jacquie Dias at [email protected].

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