February 8, 2010

Europe, anno 2010: A new start in international development cooperation?

Posted: 08:53 AM UTC

by ecdpm on February 8, 2010

In ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, Europe marked its emergence from eight years of introspection with a new resolve to work more effectively, and with a robust infrastructure to make this happen. As the world struggles to cope with the impact of the global financial crisis and the nexus of environmental and human development challenges that have intensified in its wake, this is the moment for Europe to re-think international development cooperation to address these challenges. In the first undertaking of its kind, four European think-tanks have joined hands to suggest priorities for a substantial international cooperation agenda to make this happen. Published this week, the joint report, “New Challenges, New Beginnings: Next Steps in European Development Cooperation,” is an initiative of ECDPM, UK’s Overseas Development Institute (ODI), FRIDE (Spain) and the German Development Institute (DIE).  For more analysis, see also our Talking Points article by Jeske van Seters with an overview of the main issues covered in the Report. Read the Executive Summary (PDF). Download the full report.

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