December 10, 2009

ECDPM’s Weekly Compass

Posted: 14:02 PM UTC

What is it?

The Weekly Compass is ECDPM’s weekly e-newsletter sent to subscribers every Friday afternoon.

It is intricately linked to this Talking Points blog. The Weekly Compass contains fresh news updates and behind-the -scenes analysis of key policy processes involving the EU and its development partners, primarily in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) regions. Each issue features some of the 30 policy topics regularly monitored by ECDPM staff, under the broad themes of economic and trade cooperation, governance, development policy and international relations.

How can I subscribe?

The Weekly Compass is available in two formats:

  • short e-mail version, providing key policy news
  • extended version, providing in-depth cover of week’s events, documents and debates

Click here to see the latest issues.

Subscribe to the newsletter.

Can I get the Weekly Compass via RSS feeds?

The Weekly Compass covers over 30 topics, and each one is available as an RSS feed. You can subscribe to Weekly Compass feeds from ECDPM webstie.

What information is being monitored and covered?

The Weekly Compass covers a wide range of blogs, newspapers and official websites. Visit our Google Reader to see all the sites we are currently covering.

How can I search the Weekly Compass archives?

All Weekly Compass entries are shared through the Delicious social bookmarking system. We have currently over 13.000 entries, and adding.

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